The Wines of Bergerac – Vignobles Dubard

by Martin Walker

Back in 1977, a young graduate from the Bordeaux wine school climbed into his red deux-chevaux with some samples of his wine in the back and drove the 1,100 kilometres to Dusseldorf. He was heading for Jack’s Wine Depot, then as now one of the biggest wine outlets in Germany. Armed with some of his bottles of Château Laulerie from Montravel and a corkscrew, he talked his way inside, offered a tasting and left some hours later with a contract for his entire production.

“It was a wonderful moment that propelled us at once into new hopes, new possibilities, the chance to finance our future,” Serge Dubard says in the tasting room of Château les Farcies du Pech, the excellent Pécharmant he makes at his vineyard just outside Bergerac.

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