Nationwide bird count

by Steve Martindale

One of the many challenges of lockdown has been finding fun activities to keep our minds and bodies active. The country’s bird protection organisation, the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO) is encouraging people to get out into their gardens and help in a national bird survey.

Participants in the study are being asked to spend a set amount of time – ten minutes is plenty – studying the same area of outdoor space every day and making a note of the birds that they see. Only those which land in the area should be counted. You can then input your findings on their website.

To help you recognise the most common species you might expect to see, the LPO has released a fact sheet which includes drawings of each type of bird, characteristics to help you identify them and typical feeding habits. There is also a summary sheet for keeping track of your findings.

Click on the below links to download the two documents (the fact sheet document is 16.2 MB so may take a few minutes to download on slow connections) and let us know if you spot a rare one!

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